An Instagram Weekend

by tolmema on May 29, 2014

I had some fun with Instagram this weekend. I took the girls for a little walk on their bikes and we made a stop at the field across the parking lot that was stuffed to the brim with dandelions. I took the opportunity to play with some instagram filters.

Little Sister has not been feeling well so I took her to the ER on Monday to check for a virus or infection. Her test results came back fine, so the doctor chalked it up to extreme teething and sent us on our way. Of course, she was more than happy to ride her tricycle in the parking lot.


I love dandelions. I remember being small and blowing on them while making wishes. the girls dropped several of them down the storm drain and giggled at the plopping sound they made.

dandelions   One of the coolest things about my new phone is the camera. It’s very high quality and takes the best photos! That was my #1 requirement when I bought it, since I don’t have a point and shoot. The “selective focus” feature is probably my favorite part of the camera.

IMG_20140525_195603 The girls enjoyed picking flowers and exploring in the tall grass. My eldest collected handfuls of flowers for the little one, who would in turn try to eat them.

IMG_20140525_203705   IMG_20140525_195420

We had such a happy hour or so, just exploring the empty lot; picking flowers, digging around in the dirt, checking out the storm drain. It was a lovely experience and it took place just a few hundred feet from our front door. It’s easy to forget how much fun the little things are when your babies are still small.


 Flowers forever.




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