Another Striped Baby Cardigan

by tolmema on March 27, 2014

After I finished the first striped baby cardigan, I started a new one right away. This one will be a gift for a coworker who is expecting a little boy soon.

blue and yellow knit striped baby cardigan

I fixed a few of the issues I had with the first cardigan:

  • Reduced number of stitches between raglan decreases to make the shoulder seams slimmer
  • Improved button band by finishing collar first and then picking up seams along the front
  • Better placement of buttonholes; also tighter buttonholes

blue and yellow knit striped baby cardigan

I wasn’t 100% on the colors until I had finished it and was able to look at the finished product as a whole. Now I think they’re super cute together!

The green is Berroco Comfort. I’m not sure of the blue; it was a thrift store find…but it feels like wool and is soft and springy.

blue and yellow knit striped baby cardigan

The buttons look silver in the photos but are actually a cobalt blue color. I had originally purchased them to mend some of my husband’s dress slacks, but that was about two years ago, so I felt like it was probably safe to use them for something else.

blue and yellow knit striped baby cardigan

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this little cardigan. I feel like I need a couple more samples to make sure the notes are right before releasing a pattern.

Ravelry notes here.


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