Baby Doll’s birthday recap

by tolmema on May 24, 2011

Baby Doll’s birthday was a blast. My parents drove 6 hours to come see her, and lots of family showed up for the party.

When I started planning for her birthday party, I went way over the top – too much crap that would just overwhelm everyone including me! So I went simple, with a “Lemonade and Sunshine” type theme:

I decided to go with yellow and pink, as it's cute but not too feminine - plus, I'm not a huge fan of too much pink.

It was cute, and perfectly spring-y, except that it rained most of the day. I’m glad that I decided ahead of time to haver her party indoors “just in case” of the weather. I made cupcakes instead of a regular cake, 1) because people are retarded and always complain: “Oh, don’t give me a slice THAT big”, even though they really want a huge slice (that’s a huge pet peeve, if you didn’t notice),  and 2) because it was fun, dammit. I had so much fun making the cupcakes, and was so excited for the big day that I made them the day before. In addition to cupcakes, we had a plethora of crap food, like potato chips, hotdogs, and lemonade.

Baby Doll’s favorite present was the one from her Uncle J – his presents are always her favorite! For Christmas he got her a play cellphone and a Mr. Potato Head, both of which are favorites still. For her birthday, she got an octopus thing that goes into the bathroom. Thankfully, it’s helped combat the “I-don’t-want-to-sit-in-the-bathtub” phase we’re in.

Baby Doll's favorite present of the day was the singing octopus thing that goes in the bathtub with her.

She’s also at the age now to where she recognizes things she sees in books, or cards, in this example:

Her birthday card had a kitty on it

She recognized the kitty on the front and was meowing at it (when we see a cat, we say: “kitty says ‘meow’!”).

Oh, on another note: is that not the cutest damn dress you’ve ever seen? I made it myself 🙂  

Sitting in her new chair with the blankie and dress Mommy made for her 🙂

All in all, it was a pleasant day. It was a perfectly appropriate birthday party for the little one – not too many people, not too much stuff going on. If your baby’s first birthday is coming up, I would strongly suggest keeping it as simple as possible, for multiple reasons:

  1. Your baby isn’t going to remember this one;
  2. Your baby doesn’t know it’s his/her birthday;
  3. Your wallet shouldn’t suffer for something that only the guests will remember – keep in mind that the day is about your little one! Too much in a small amount of time will just overwhelm your baby instead of making him/her happy.

How did you celebrate your baby’s first birthday? I’d love to see pictures!

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Jullie July 29, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Is that the pillowcase dress you made? it is adorable – I like the bottom ruffle/skirt


tolmema July 30, 2011 at 6:12 pm

I did make that dress! I’m glad you like it 🙂 It’s quite simple to make, only two pieces of fabric and some hemming!


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