Creative Vintage Bedsheet Projects

by tolmema on November 23, 2013

I totally have a thing for vintage bedsheets. They’re just so…nifty. I love the way they feel, the patterns (especially the floral), and how they tend to be really high quality. There’s a local thrift store that always has some great finds, and at a pretty good price – usually $2-4/sheet. Quite a steal!

I started collecting vintage sheets a few years ago and have acquired a few really cool ones, along with some super neat vintage pillowcases as well. I always buy them with the intent to “make something awesome” from them, but I have a super hard time actually cutting into them.

They just look so nice all piled up, don’t you think?

For now all of my vintage sheets are hiding in a fabric tote, folded nicely, waiting for their time to shine.

However, as lovely as my stash is, it’s still taking up space in my closets and I really need to do something with it. So, I rounded up some projects that I think are worth slicing into my precious collection.

 DIY drum shade

Upholstered Office Chair

Wood Handle Bag

Slouchy Tote

Mod Podge Flats

Vintage Bedsheet Quilt

Anthropologie-Inspired Ruffled Quilt

Vintage Bedsheet Dress


Vintage Pillowcase Baby Blankie

I found dozens more things that I’d like to stuff into this post, but I feel like they deserve their own posts – for dresses and quilts, specifically. Stay tuned for more vintage bedsheet roundups in the near future!


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