Crochet House Slippers with Leather Soles

by tolmema on November 9, 2012

It only took me months, but I finally figured out how to create crochet house shoes that attach directly to a leather sole!

toddler-crochet-house-slippers-with-leather-sole | tolmemaI used brown deer skin leather for the soles, and some purple bamboo yarn. The shoelaces are actually elastic because the shoes are a bit loose for her on the top and wouldn’t stay on.

toddler-crochet-house-slippers-with-leather-sole | tolmemaThe reason why I wanted leather soles for Little Foot is because we have hardwood floors and I didn’t want her slipping on the floor (yarn is quite slippery!).

toddler-crochet-house-slippers-with-leather-sole | tolmemaI’m going to make a pair for myself next; I just can’t decide what yarn to use for mine. I’ve literally started over 10 times with different yarns and can’t seem to make a decision. It’s so much harder to make stuff for myself!


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Christine May 21, 2013 at 1:31 pm

I am looking for a pattern to do pretty much exactly this! I want to make them in cotton as summer-weight shoes for my toddler (she’s too young for hard soled shoes, but she’s outgrowing the soft soled ones, and they’re solid leather anyhow).


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