Custom orders and guilty impulse buys.

by tolmema on August 25, 2012

I bought an incredible amount of yarn yesterday. After posting the photos of the baby hat/ booties on Facebook, I got another custom order for some baby hat/bootie sets. It’s kind of funny; I’ve made more sales on Facebook than any other site online, especially Etsy!

simply-cotton-yarn-joann | tolmema

From left to right, the colors are white, baby blue, pink, lime green, and brown. They’re so squishy and soft and pretty and I’m quite excited to get to use them.The customer wanted cotton, so I picked up some Cotton Ease from Joann.¬†She also wanted stripes, quite similar to the photo below, but with a brim instead of earflaps:

Photo courtesy of Ravelry |">

I like the idea of using white in between each color to separate the stripes.

In addition to the yarn for the custom order, I also picked up some Berroco Flicker yarn.

Berroco-Flicker-yarn | tolmema

To be honest, I’m not completely sure why, other than the fact that I loved the colors. It’s made from baby alpaca wool, which means it is SO soft, but I can’t toss whatever I make from this into the dryer. That means that my fleeting idea of making a baby quilt is pretty much out. I also worked a test patch up to see how far the yarn would go, and the answer is not very far…these three skeins MIGHT get me a foot or so into a 40″ blanket. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, but considering each skein cost about $14, it’s not a cheap project by any means.

It was an impulse buy and I’m not feeling very “good” about it. However, I feel guilty enough for buying it to make something friggin’ amazing out of it. Maybe a scarf or matching hats for the girls? I haven’t decided yet.

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