Dad’s Hunting Sweater

by tolmema on August 13, 2013

I finally finished the knitting part of my dad’s hunting sweater. I started it back in May, just after Little Foot’s birthday. This is the first sweater I have ever finished and I’m pretty happy with it.

Dad's Hunting Sweater | tolmema

I created my own pattern for this sweater because I couldn’t find anything that matched my gauge and had the specs I was looking for. I pretty much just made sure my number of stitches matched my dad’s measurements along the way, so I don’t have a formal pattern (yet). I did take notes, though, and will probably post a free pattern on Ravelry once I get some time.

It’s a basic raglan-style sweater with a button band and longer collar that was supposed to cover the neck, but I fear will not do so.

For yarn, I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky¬†from Brown Sheep. I’m not 100% sure of the yardage, but I used about 8 skeins of yarn total.

The body was knit with size 8.00mm needles and the ribbing in 6.00mm needles.

Each stripe is 11 rows thick.

My Ravelry notes can be found here.

Dad's Hunting Sweater | tolmema

My darling husband very un-enthusiastically modeled the sweater for me, complaining about its itchiness the entire time and taking it off at the first opportunity.

It fits him well enough, so fingers crossed it will fit my dad, too. It’s supposed to be slim-fitting over under-armour of some sort, so hopefully it will be just snug enough without making him feel like a sausage.

Dad's Hunting Sweater | tolmema

On a side note, I now have my husband’s measurements as well (heh heh). Maybe someday he’ll get a sweater, too.

Dad's Hunting Sweater | tolmema

Though the end result is a bit itchy, I really liked knitting with this yarn. I use bamboo needles and the stitches seemed to glide effortlessly off of them. The yarn is also kind of “grippy” and if I dropped a stitch, it would hold a bit, making it much easier to fix mistakes.

Dad's Hunting Sweater | tolmema

I have quite a bit leftover; maybe I’ll make some more soakers with it or get started on some early holiday gifts. I’d much rather return it for something softer but I’m not sure if my LYS would take it back after me having it for so long. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

I washed and lightly lanolized the sweater, so all it needs is a couple of buttons and it’s ready to be worn out in the bush.

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