Finished: Malabrigo Sweater

by tolmema on August 3, 2014

My most recent FO is one that I’ve been working on for ages: a Malabrigo Dos sweater.

Malabrigo-sweater | tolmema

I’ve always been a Malabrigo fan but it’s pretty expensive for bigger projects such as this. I found some Dos on sale at Jimmy Beans Wool and picked up a few balls in Pimienta and Turquesa.

Malabrigo-sweater | tolmema

This was my first large project using stripes and it was definitely a struggle to make them even at first. However, I worked on quite a few other stripe-y baby cardigans throughout the project which made them a lot easier to handle.

Malabrigo-sweater | tolmema

I used Jane Richmond’s Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover for the neck and shoulder shaping and then kind of went off on my own for the rest.

Malabrigo-sweater | tolmema

This thing took absolutely forever to finish, mostly due to my stubbornness. I wanted to create it bottom-up, but my gauge wouldn’t cooperate. Even after swatching several times I simply couldn’t get it to fit right. I frogged the entire torso section four times before I gave up and decided to go top-down.

Malabrigo-sweater | tolmemaI’m glad I made this sweater top-down, though, as it fits really well. I’m very happy with the way it turned out!

You can read more about this project on Ravelry here.



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