I’ve returned from whence I came….

by tolmema on April 19, 2012

I promise I have not abandoned my blogging post; I’ve merely been super busy this spring with a few big changes.

I’m now working full-time with an awesome company – I’ve been hired as a Marketing Coordinator do to what I love most: inbound marketing. I’m responsible for blog posting, social media distribution, weekly reports, etc. It’s pretty much the dream job, a true career with a company that truly respects my abilities and allows me to leverage my knowledge to make the company better. Everyone is quite friendly and flexible – if I need to take Little Foot to a doctor’s appointment or run an important errand, no problem. It’s a total 180 from my last “real” job (before my freelancing job) that treated the employees with disrespect and used fear tactics as a motivation.

Little Foot is in daycare now – With me working full-time, we put Little Foot into an excellent daycare that she loves. The place is huge (it used to be a roller rink, so you can guess the size), with separate areas for the kids to move to throughout different times of the day. Her aides adore her and it’s obvious that she loves the place. It makes me very thankful that I have a pleasant child that adapts well to new situations.

On a side note, I’ve been blown away by how quickly Little Foot’s vocabulary has grown in the last couple of months. Her social skills have improved as well, and she’s getting to the age where she will approach other kids to play with them rather than just watching from my lap!

Here are some pics of our recent adventures:

shopping-with-mama | tolmema

Shopping with Mama with a kiddie-sized cart!

riding-pony-at-circus | tolmema

Riding a pony at the circus.

feeding-ducks | tolmema

Feeding ducks at the pond.

duckface | tolmema

The classic hipster/duckface pose.

I’m quite excited for spring, and with that excitement I can feel a sewing itch coming on. This is enthralling to me, because I have an incredible amount of fabric that is screaming to be turned into circle skirts and shorts!

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