Stuff that makes me happy today :)

by tolmema on June 20, 2011

I’m pretty easy to please – usually a nice cup of coffee and my jeans fitting well will pretty much do it. Here’s a list of things that I’m loving right now:

1. Tide Clean Breeze

smells so delicious

I just LOVE the smell of this stuff. I love being able to catch a whiff of it when I’m running around pretending to get things done. What’s even better, though, is that it actually gets clothes clean and my little one doesn’t break out in a horrible rash from it.

2. Tusca Mia Surface Cleaner

also smells delicious

(The kind I like is actually the fresh lemon & thyme, but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the interweb, which either means it’s been taken off the market or I suck at Google.)

I bought this stuff on sale from Walmart a little while back, mostly because I liked the smell of it. Yes, I unscrewed the cap and took a whiff before buying it, sue me. What I like about this cleaner is the smell – it’s very light but definite, so my kitchen smells like lemons but not bleachy-lemons. It doesn’t however, clean that well. I mean, it will get your counters clean and such, but it’s kind of a puss when it comes to knocking out greasy oven-tops. But I put up with it because it smells so nice. :)

3. Coffee Mate French Vanilla Coffee Creamer

tastes delicious...are you seeing a pattern here?

This is the one thing that is included in my staple grocery list along with milk and eggs. Being a mostly stay-at-home mom and heavy coffee drinker, I tend to make myself a pot nearly every day. But you know what’s funny? I claim to be a “coffee drinker”, but I’m really not – I’m a “drink it only if it doesn’t really taste like coffee” drinker. I won’t even drink coffee unless I have sugar and/or cream(er) in it.

4. Express Editor Jeans

they make me look like I actually tried when I got dressed

I bought a pair of these jeans from a thrift shop for $2, and they are one of my favorite pairs. I think they are actually dress pants but with a denim feel. They fit me well, are really low-rise without my bum hanging out, and are totally comfy. What I like most about them is that I can wear pretty much anything as a top and the outfit looks put together, whether it’s a collared shirt or a plain tee.

5. Ice Age

one of the few movies I can watch over and over again without wanting to off myself

The little one LOVES this movie, especially the beginning with Skrat (or however you spell his name). She will legitimately laugh out loud at some parts of the movie! It’s so cute. Because Baby Doll loves it so much, we watch it a LOT. Like, a lot. Like, every day. Luckily, it’s one of the few movies that I can watch every day without becoming murderously annoyed by the theme song (unlike Rapunzel – it’s a good film but I hate how the songs get stuck in my head every time we watch it).

There’s a bajillion other things I could add, but are the only things making the list because my attention span is that of a goldfish. What things are making you happy today?

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